Should I store work files on my local drive or an external one?

When I worked in small design studios, I was always trained to keep my work files on an external hard drive, and never store them on the computer hard drive. One of my design friends asked why I worked that way the other day, and I replied that was just how I’ve always done it.

Is there an inherent flaw with this work flow? Or any huge pros to storing your work files on your desktop/computers’ hard drive?

I am curious as why all the small studios I worked for had that setup, I could try tracking down their IT guys and asking but that I would check here first! My work files are about 1.5TB, and of those about 700 gb are very relevant the other half are referred to often enough that it isn’t worth zipping and archiving.


My personal opinion would be to keep two copies. Whether you store them locally, or on a external hard drive; having two copies in two different locations helps back-up your data. That way if one hard drive should die, the other one will retain all the files.

While I have no experience working with design studios, I would suspect it could be for a number of reasons:

  • External hard drives are more portable.
  • External hard drives may be seen as safer as they are “external” to your computer.
  • If room isn’t taken up on the local hard drive the computer may run faster
  • If you run out of space on an external, just buy another external. You can keep adding onto the data. If you run out of data on the local hard drive you’ll have to separately back-up all your files (which takes time) or delete files you don’t need (which in a business setting may not be easily identifiable)

Honestly though, if you’re keeping your data on only ONE hard drive it won’t make much of a difference where you keep the files, since if you lose the files in one spot, they’re gone forever.

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