Should I turn the text on my poster to outlines before I print?

What would be the best practice for printing text based work from Illustrator, such as a poster? This is aimed at the final print quality of my workk.

I am creating an advertisement which will be about A4 size to go into a newspaper. Would it be best to Create Outline all the text in the advert before I send the files off to be printed or will it not make much of a difference in terms of quality?


Customarily, you’d send a PDF/X-1a file with fonts embedded by simply saving that format (with crops and bleed), therefore outlining type would actually not always be a good thing. PDF/X-1a is often preferred because it is a self-contained format with fonts embedded and artwork flattened. This ensures the most accurate preproduction.

If you are sending a .eps or .ai file, then outlining type is the best practice.

Source : Link , Question Author : SaturnsEye , Answer Author : Scott

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