Should I use Illustrator or Photoshop for Collateral Design?

I am creating a web advertising rate card. Basically a brochure. It will be a PDF file. Should I do brochure designs or collateral designs using Illustrator and then import the non vector images from Photoshop? Or can I use Photoshop entirely? Most importantly, does text quality come out better when creating a PDF through Illustrator or Photoshop?


Between the two I’d go with Illustrator and like a previous answer crisper text.

Illustrator allows you to:

Save directly as PDF that is editable so you only need one file. With photoshop you’ll have your work file .psd and PDF .pdf.

You can have multiple pages of various sizes with in the same document, so you can have a brochure layout sitting right next to a business card, which is great when you need consistency throughout your designs.

Custom shapes are easier to make. (Pathfinder palette).

Lining up items is better and easier.

Guide positioning is better and you can make custom guides.

Easier to draw straight lines.

You can break apart text to manipulate characters.

There are lots more that Illustrator can do that Photoshop can’t for your purpose.

However if you want to manipulate raster images such as .jpeg then stick to Photoshop.

Import raster images (non vector) from Photoshop into Illustrator.

Source : Link , Question Author : jobin , Answer Author : Chet Tailor

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