Simplify path settings in Inkscape

Using Inkscape 0.92.4 (latest ATM), is there a way to tweak the settings of the simplify path tool?

I’m specifically talking about having some control on the number of nodes the path will have after simplifying as the tool uses too few nodes, resulting in very different path shape from original.

The multiple quick taps approach don’t work because path is oversimplified with just one.
Also read about tweaking in Edit > Preferences > Misc (or a very similar route) but with Inkscape 0.92.4 I can’t find any option in there.


You want Edit / Preferences / Behaviour and you can set a number there. The lower the number, the less change when you try to simplify.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Alejandro Guzman , Answer Author : z3z

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