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There is a known problem that an average projector displays colors quite differently from what they are supposed to be. My problem is that they are different from what you see on a computer display. And I am wondering whether there is a solution to simulate projector-like colors on a computer display.
I know, for instance, that Scribus offers an option to simulate colors in a way they will look after the project is printed with chosen properties. Is there anything similar for a hypothetical projector which I will use to display a couple of slides with line plots?

The background is following: I often give presentations and I always notice that the slides I prepared on my laptop looked very different from what they look like once they are projected. The pictures I have on my slides usually include line plots and schemes. I already know I should avoid yellow lines because those often become invisible, but I was hoping I could solve the problem generally. I am using LaTeX if it matters.

p.s. Here is a discussion which runs into “it’s impossible”.


If you are dealing with one specific, old or poorly calibrated projector, Joojaa is right, you may want to use a profile to simulate it on your monitor. But if you are producing presentations for a number of different projectors, each with their own quirks and colour biases, I would recommend designing with the following in mind:

1. Avoid bright greens. I find these are the most unpredictable of all colours.

2. Avoid overly thin typefaces. These are likely to pixelate, especially at smaller sizes.

3. Avoid light greys. These will often appear white.

I’m sure there are hundreds of other tips and tricks out there, but these are the ones I always have in mind when designing for older projectors.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ufos , Answer Author : Alex

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