Sketch3 | Is it possible to create a text table?

Just a super simple text table…
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I’m fairly new to Sketch, and I’m sure I haven’t cracked even a quarter of what can be done with the program. So I wasn’t very surprised when I realized I have no idea how to make a table.

I searched through the application, as well as Sketch resources online, and I am surprised to see that it may not be possible! I haven’t even seen anyone bring the T word up in the same sentence as Sketch. Is it possible that a web design application wouldn’t have tools for one of the most basic HTML elements? Or am I missing something very obvious?


There is no functionality for making tables per se, but with a combination of symbols and a plugin called stack children you might be able to make tables easier.
It doesn’t automatically generate a grid like your example, but if you create a symbol out of a row of the table, the plugin will help you align them one under the other.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Heather , Answer Author : spiral

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