Smallest font size for small print?

I’m setting up a document and the document has some * and footnotes. The document itself is A6 size, which is pretty small (postcard size). What font-size should I assign to the smallprint footnotes?

I need the smallest appropriate size really.


I’ve worked on a lot of financial documents over the years (fund fact sheets, performance updates, brochures, announcement postcards, bond-issue ads) and 95% of them had footnotes and legal disclaimers at 8 pt (with body copy at 11 pt). Occasionally legalese might get reduced to 7, or in a serious pinch 6, but we usually yelled about that.

Fonts can make a difference, however. Something like Palatino, which has even stroke widths, a higher x-height, and wide, open counter spaces (the space in the loops of the letters, like “a” and “P”), will be marginally easier to read at 7 pt than something with a lower x-height and tighter counter spaces like Adobe Garamond or Bodoni’s varying strokes.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dan Hanly , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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