Smart guide snapping not accurate

I have setup a isometric grid by creating smart guider rotated 120 degrees and working with the intersect points. When I’m working on vertex level this works great but when I want to group my object and “put it aside” or even move it a couple of “tiles” it does not snap correctly. I have tried to increase DPI but this does not give better results.

Is this a known problem and is there a fix or solution for this? I need to be very precise and I really need a grid to work faster is Illustrator the right tool for the job?


You’re looking to disalign objects with the pixel grid. In the transform window (Window > Transform) You will see a checkbox labeled ‘align to pixel grid’. Uncheck it.

To avoid it in the future when you begin a new document – go into the same dialog window and in the right hand corner menu of that transform window uncheck “new objects align to pixel grid”

Align to Pixel Grid

Source : Link , Question Author : Madmenyo , Answer Author : Adam Frank

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