Smart guides aren’t smart

TL:DR Smart guides aren’t accurate – even though the snap, (end up causing more problems in the long run) is there a way to fix it?

Maybe there are some settings that I’m missing (need to be changed)

I use my smart guides all the time (and am overall pleased with them). I do have my issues with it, as explained here:

A lot of times, when I’m trying to make a bunch of triangles like this:

enter image description here

Done by making a triangle, cloning, flipping, rotating etc. Repeat until full

(Perfect) Snapping using Smart Guides

enter image description here

Ends up looking likeenter image description herebetween the triangles (Outline Mode)

Now I personally (with a strong attention to detail) will notice that there is something off after making just 1 or 2 triangles (Even before outline mode… strokes look oh so slightly thicker/off)

And then I check in outline mode… and sure enough:

enter image description here

Notice the line spaces (and this is in outline mode, so if I didn’t notice it before, now it’s sitting right in front of my nose)

The way I (seemingly) “fixed” the first image was by adding in a thick stroke outline so that masks out the difference, however, in a lot of my cases I don’t want to have a stroke at all (and then you really notice the problems).


Smart guides aren’t smart

They are but do not work so good with grids because the pixel grid moves the object on the previous or next pixel/point.

Disable the “align to pixel” and “align to point” and continue working with smart guides.

EDIT: Example (50x50px workspace)

Pixel Grid


No Pixel Grid

Source : Link , Question Author : WELZ , Answer Author : felixhu

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