Some general guidelines for choosing images in webdesign

So here’s a good question: one problem that often comes up is a client asks for a site, but they have no content (specifically images) and so leave it up to the designer to find appropriate images to use. The first thing a lot of people will do (including myself sadly until recently: is go and find stock images of smiling business people that all look like models, or worse pictures of handshakes, little icons hugging a globe) and these all lead to generic looking websites that reveal zero about the company or brand you’re trying to represent, and might even damage the brand by making it seem unpersonable and lifeless.

So here’s the question: what might be some good(general) guidelines for choosing images for client work when they don’t provide any: thoughts?


I throw some of this back to the client: “Show me what you like.” Send me links to other websites which have photos you like. Hand me a magazine. If all else fails, I’ll create a lightbox on iStock (or similar) and tell the client, “Pick the ones you like and tell me why.

This gives you at least some winnowing before the site launches, and puts some of the responsibility back on the client.

Source : Link , Question Author : user9623 , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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