Some text moves when deleting a color swatch (Indesign CC)

I have a color swatch I need to be deleted, but on deleting the swatch some text in certain text frames moves up a little (1 or 2 mm). It is not the frames that move, but the text inside the frames. All text formatting parameters seem unchanged after deleting the swatch. This swatch is supposedly unused, but Indesign doesn’t mark it as unused when I instruct to “Select all unused swatches”.

I need to do this with fairly complicated documents, so keeping track of what elements exactly shift when doing this and putting them back in place is rather tedious. Suggestions anyone?


I’ve noticed that InDesign will often shift items very slightly on a page when I’ve been working on object styles or Master pages. It seems to be a visual hint that something is changing, but not necessarily that the text has moved. What I’d suggest is setting up some guides around your text to check positioning. If you delete the swatch, notice the text move, but then zoom in close, you might find that it hasn’t actually physically shifted.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dries , Answer Author : Sawyer Paul

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