Somebody help me find this Japanese font? I already have an idea for what it is

So I have a font similar to this installed on my phone, called “cherrybomb” that I got from this website (I’ll post the link below) but the thing about that font and the one in the picture is that the one I have doesn’t include any kanji, which the font below does. I need help finding the version of the font with kanji, since without kanji it’s basically unusable for me. I’ve searched various things on google like チェリーボムフォント 漢字 (Cherrybomb font Kanji) and I haven’t found anything. Here is the website I originally got the font from:

I doubt anyone will be able to find the kanji version of this font but on the off chance that you do thank you so much!

cherrybomb font


enter image description here

The red kanji comes from a free font にくまるゴシック, one of M+-derivative fonts. All remaining kana letters are set in Cherry Bomb, as you said. The image above was created with Photoshop changing fonts without any adjustments.

Your image source seems to be this YouTube video, in which they also use Rounded M+ and Hiragino (Mac built-in).

Source : Link , Question Author : Dawn , Answer Author : broccoli forest

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