Sort and remove duplicate photos

I have been trying to collate all my photos & remove the duplicated ones. I have purchased a few apps but none do the job properly, they are still there the next day, I have 3 hard drives so plenty of space. The pictures seem to get duplicated every time I try something. I have tried iPhoto but still get the same problem.


There are many options – and at least three different approaches to this:

  • Use a third party application to find (and remove) duplicate files. Probably the most convenient option – there is a variety of different apps like Duplicate Detective available – but you’ll have to buy a license. There used to be a free demo version of Gemini, if you just want to find duplicates and delete them yourself. Haven’t tried it for years though.

  • Use the search function of your finder. This is a bit clumsy, but good method to find duplicates occasionally. You can search for “*” (asterix/wildcard) and then narrow your results down by using the filters and the sort options – e.g. “only images, modified after 1st of January 2014” or the like.

  • Use Terminal Commands or Apple Script. You should probably only go this direction if you know what you’re doing.

There is a blog post “How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Mac OS X” that goes deeper into these three approaches.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick , Answer Author : Ruskes

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