Specialization in Graphic Design – niche vs. generalist

I don’t have coding or UI/UX skills, and in today’s mobile-focused world, I’m wondering if I need to bite the bullet and learn this stuff.

So far I’ve been able to specialize in non-coding graphic design like collateral, graphics for the web (banners, custom images, etc.), trade show booths and other print design.

I freelance and currently am in a lull – normal for freelancing but it’s got me a bit worried about finding more clients who don’t need the coding aspect.

Are there designers out there who are doing well without the coding and UI/UX component? Is it better to specialize as I am doing, or is it worth learning this other stuff when I’ll probably be mediocre at best with it (just not my thing!)?


It certainly can’t hurt. If you are in a lull and have free time, why not expand your skills?

Here is my story and reason for saying “Go for it.”

I started much like you–design only. I went to an aeronautical university, so I am by no means a trained designer, but I have always played around with Photoshop for fun.

This led to me applying to a graphic design job, while in college. I got hired strictly as a front-end designer, but in my free time I began messing around with coding and asking my employer to let me do a wider range of projects.

This “willing and able” approach towards taking on new projects and teaching myself skills has since led to me learning about print/publishing, product design, 3D modeling/animation, photography, videography, color grading, video editing, audio editing, etc. and not only allowed my creative career to flourish (so much for that $50k/year degree in aviation), but also led to me really enjoying some of those other things!

I would never limit yourself to only doing one thing, when you can do many. Even if you aren’t an expert at them all, having some basic knowledge might get your foot in the door on a project that could lead to bigger and better things, while at the same time allowing you to expand your skills…not to mention, the more you can offer to a company the better your pay.

Source : Link , Question Author : TCDesigner , Answer Author : Manly

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