Split a path into two separate paths in InkScape

I have a monochrome drawing of a face done in SVG. The entire face is one path. How do I for instance select just an eye and make it into a second separate path? Thanks.

Note that the eye is just kind of floating there in space and is not connected to the nose, mouth, etc.

enter image description here


CAI right.
But Break Apart will make it for all path, not only for the eyes
better this way:

  • Make a duplicate
  • Break Apart duplicate (now all the pieces are selected and separated)
  • Unselect duplicate-eye Shift+click (more convenient in outline mode)
  • Delete
  • Now we have a separate duplicate-eye over original, you need to remove original eye
  • Cut duplicate-eye for convenience
  • 1 Way use freehand-pencil tool shape over the eyes and a Boolean subtracting operation removes it
  • 2 Way Edit shape tool select eye nodes and delete
  • Paste eye

enter image description here

Yes, it looks difficult, but with hot keys is fast enough.

Source : Link , Question Author : posfan12 , Answer Author : ruxman

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