Sprite Sheet Creation [duplicate]

I’m manually creating a sprite sheet using Photoshop and many of the graphic elements have drop shadows applied. Given that fact, it’s tough at times to see where the drop shadows begin and end. I don’t want to set my guides too close and cut off parts of the shadow. Anyone have any tips on how they go about handling this issue?


I’m sure there is more efficient ways to handle this, but the only way I’m aware of is to Rasterize Layer Style.

This will now include any layer styles (such as the drop shadow) as part of the layer. To do this, right click on the layer in the Layer panel window, and you should see the option.

The shadow will also now snap to a grid or to other layers, instead of just the original layer. I would also be sure to keep a backup of the non-rasterized layer, just copy the layer and hide it (in case you need the original version).

Source : Link , Question Author : J_Tremain , Answer Author : Mattc0m

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