Status icon for verification, claimed and both combined

I’m currently working on a web app, which has different kinds of status. It can either be nothing, claimed, verified or claimed and verified.

enter image description here

This is the current version for status “verified”. I’m wondering which is the best solution to show the different status types as icons within the corner by changing the icon or color. What’s the appropriate icon to show “claimed”? Or should I use different colours and badge shapes?

I was wondering if that’s a possible solution:

enter image description here

The shape of claimed is part of the combined status and also the shape of verified is in the final shape. Also petrol is the company color, so the combination of blue and green is petrol. Would it make sense?

Really appreciate your feedback and input 🙂


Do you have to use badges? Because an Exclamation point doesn’t remind me of a claim being completed. That reminds me of an important notice.

Depending on the application, I think a checkmark next to each word “Claimed” and “Verified” would make it more clear. Another idea is to use a greyed out icon and then it turns green when done.


Source : Link , Question Author : chillmao , Answer Author : AndrewH

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