Stop Illustrator from snapping to other artboards?

So i’m working in Illustrator and I when I move something it tries to align it to something from another artboard as opposed to anything in actually in my current art board. Is there a setting to where I can lock things to their respective art boards? Its frustrating to go locking layers when there may just be a setting to stop it all together im hoping?


Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s a setting for that.

You can do artboard-specific guides (Shift+O or choose the Artboard Tool, then drag guides directly into the selected artboard), but even then an object on Artboard #1 will try to snap to a guide on Artboard #2 if they’re adjacent.

There’s a maybe-useful trick, though: if the other artboards are off-screen — by zooming or otherwise positioning the work area so you can only see one artboard — Illustrator won’t try to snap things to objects on those artboards. It should only snap to visible objects.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rena , Answer Author : Cai

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