Stop my phone from messaging “Good morning” and “Good afternoon” and “You have a new memory” to me

I’m not the target Apple user and use my iPhone in a limited way. I also have a hard time understanding when computers do things I didn’t tell them to do (that’s just me, again not the target Apple user).

Why would Photos suddenly decide to say “Good afternoon” to me? (see also Photos – “You have a new memory”)

I don’t remember typing Search, but this search screen suddenly appeared when I wasn’t looking. Could its sudden appearance be related to the “Good afternoon” message?

How can I stop things like “Good afternoon” and “You have a new memory” from appearing, so I can at least have the illusion that I’m in control of my device 🙂

(iPhone 6, upgraded from ancient to iOS 12.4.5 somewhat recently)

screenshot of creepy pointless message from my phone

screenshot of creepy pointless message from my phone

enter image description here


“Good Afternoon” is an example of “Siri Suggestions” and they can be turned off in Settings under “Siri & Search”.

The feature’s goal is to surface content/actions that it thinks will be useful to you in that moment.

Possibly this will get more useful over time, given that your previous OS may have not been recording how you use your phone.

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To turn off notifications about suggested Memories in Photos, visit Settings – Notifications – Photos – Memories:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : uhoh , Answer Author : JBallin

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