Stop two different paths from connecting at the same point – Illustrator

I was wondering if anybody knew how to stop two different paths from connecting when they meet at the same point in Illustrator while using the pen tool. It’s quite the annoyance when they do it when you don’t want them to.

The only way I know of avoiding the problem is making the other point then using the selection tool to drag it on top of the other separate point. Though with what I’m doing, that method would take forever.

Here’s an example of what I want to stop:

enter image description here


Easiest method I use…

  • click for the second anchor away from the other path, while holding the click depress the Space bar and drag the click where you want it to be.

enter image description here

This will prevent the two paths from joining. You just have to click and move with the spacebar down. This is generally the fastest method since you don’t need to lock or hide or isolate anything. It’s all fluid in the drawing process once you get accustomed to it.

Source : Link , Question Author : ErraticFox , Answer Author : Scott

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