Storyboard for a product pitch

I’ve never done a storyboard/visual user story for a new app/software program before, so how would I do that? Or what are the key elements?

Basically, I need to create a storyboard of how it would affect the user’s daily life.


If the application is only an idea, you could still storyboard the key problems it might solve.


  • Show Jane Salesperson happily checking her company’s inventory at her desk and making a complex sale over the phone.

  • Show Jane Salesperson bumping into a customer in the street, and being given an on-the-spot opportunity to double an order volume. She has to call her colleague at the office to email over a full size PDF inventory report, which she can’t read easily on her iPhone, so sale goes to competitor.

  • Then show how the previous scenario could have played out differently…

Source : Link , Question Author : flourishdesign , Answer Author : e100

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