Stroke color with Eye dropper Tool

If select a color from Eyedropper tool and try to put it in stroke of any object, then it doesn’t fills up in it’s stroke instead it fills the whole object not the stroke. Eg say its a circle which is not filled but have only stroke on it. So, when I try to pick a colour from Eyedropper tool then it doesn’t fill up on stroke of circle instead it fills the whole circle. So I have to note down the colour code value and write manually each value. Is there any time saving process in this???


Unfortunately, if you are sampling another vector object in Illustrator, the eyedropper tool isn’t just copying the color value, it’s copying the object’s complete fill and stroke data. Your selected object will take on the sampled object’s fill and stroke.

If it’s a color you are using a lot in your project, you can try creating a new swatch and use that to apply to your strokes.

Create a new swatch:

enter image description here

Select the object you want to change the stroke color of. Click on the little “stroke” color picker in the top left corner of the Swatches palette:

enter image description here

Click on your new swatch to apply the color to the stroke:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Designmate , Answer Author : Vicki

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