Stroke for cartoon drawing

I am longing for a method to get clear but shaky lines, like drawing a cartoon with china ink, such as this sample scanned from paper: enter image description here
The strokes in Affinity Designer mostly use images, so the result will always be rasterized. I do not think I need such a sophisticated thing, but just a clear line with the jitter added.

Is there a way to achieve this in Affinity Designer?

Or can anyone recommend an alternative software (on the Mac) to use for this?


I’m unsure what the core issue here is, as “Brush 32” in the Assorted sampler brush pack which comes with Affinity Designer seems incredibly close to what you want right off the bat, it’s snappily fast to draw with, doesn’t result in large file sizes, exports happily to .svg, .pdf, .ai, and as already stated, looks pretty decent:

enter image description here

Moreover, if you have that lovely hand-drawn stroke image already scanned at a decent resolution, you can literally use that as the basis for a brush… which with about 3 minutes into it, looks then like this (those are a square and a circle via shape tool BTW):

enter image description here

and this will print looking sharp as well as allow exactly the look you prefer with minimal effort.

If you were to add enough vector nubbly details to get your desired roughness, this would make for noticeably larger vector art files overall, and might involve some lag in the drawing effort.

That said, I’ve been drawing, sketching and illustrating a lot these days on my iPad Pro using Concepts App, Procreate, and both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo; they’re all really effective, each in their own way. Concepts app has a sheer vector engine, is infinitely scalable, and the vector brush system is pretty darn amazing… and it’s a lot like what you’re asking for. But so far, sadly not available on Mac OS; yes iOS, yes Android, yes Win 10 (Surface) but not Mac OS – no Surface equivalent hereabouts for us at this juncture, BUT… we designers of course could all happily use it with our Wacoms, couldn’t we?

Source : Link , Question Author : Philippp , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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