Stroke width tool equivalent in Inkscape

Is there a tool in Inkscape similar to the stroke Width Tool in Illustrator? In other words, is there a way to manipulate the width of a stroke by setting the weight at a given position or anchor point along the path?


Yes, there is the PowerStroke. In version 1.0, it will be possible to draw it with pressure sensitivity with the Pencil tool. Currently, the effect can be added via the ‘Shape’ option of the Pen/Pencil tool, or via the Path Effects dialog.

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From wiki page on PowerStroke:

  • When added, the Path Effect PowerStroke produces 3 additional pink handles that can be dragged around intuitively:
    • A pink handle can be moved along the length of the path to define where it should have its effect.
    • A pink handle can be dragged away from or closer to the center of the path to make the stroke at this position thicker or thinner.
  • To add another pink handle, you can duplicate one of the existing ones with CTRL-Click, and then drag it away along the path.
  • To remove a pink handle, CTRL-ALT-Click on it.
  • To position a pink handle at exact coordinates, Shift+Click or ALT-Click on it, an entry box opens.

Source : Link , Question Author : wout , Answer Author : timburbank

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