Studies about people’s reactions to fonts and color schemes?

I’m a pianist, composer, and teacher, and I’m building a website to promote myself.

I want the site to convey both a sense of elegance and old-world discipline, but also sleek modernity.

I was going to ask the wonderful experts here what fonts I should try to use, but I realized that’s a very subjective question that would probably get closed, so instead I’m asking if there have ever been studies done that have tried to understand how people react to and perceive different fonts (or color schemes, or just any design element I suppose. It’s all useful).

Has there ever been work like that done? Are there people out there figuring out exactly what font to use to get people to think you’re cutting edge or hard-working? Or have these remained simply subjective design choices?


There have been plenty of work in that area. That’s where a majority of a graphic design student’s time goes.

Without getting too in-depth, here are a few resources to get you started:

All that being said, it will save you time and money to hire a classically-trained designer to answer a lot of these questions for you. Otherwise, you may be in for a long ride down the rabbit hole of typography, color and design.

Source : Link , Question Author : blaineh , Answer Author : MikeNGarrett

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