Subdivide edges/polygons in 3dS Max?

What is the way to subdivide individual edges/polygons in 3dS Max? That is, to add more vertexes on edges and to add more vertices/edges on faces.

  • For edges – enter image description here
  • For a polygons – enter image description here

Anybody knows how to do that or something similar to that in 3dS Max?

Note – The images are in vertex mode. The mode doesn’t matter, but I’m more interested in how to do it in polygon mode.


For edges:

  1. Open grid and snap settings, click midpoint

  2. Select your object, in modify panel click edit poly

  3. In “selection” rollout click edge

  4. Find and click “insert vertex button”, target needed edge and click it

That`s it!

Source : Link , Question Author : Vladimir , Answer Author : Zach Saucier

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