Suggest an icon for top tracks in a music application

I’m designing an online music player application, and in top bar of the application, we need a “Top Tracks” button. The application is skinned with a Mac OSX theme as of now, so ideally it should be monochrome.

I’ve been unable to think of an icon that would properly portray the top Tracks button to the user. I’ve been looking around for inspiration, and I thought either :

  • Radio/Jukebox to represent popular tracks
  • Bang Icon (Big asterisk)

The icon size would be around 32×32 px

As of now, we’re using “Top Tracks” as a filler text.


A common convention is to put flames around the icon of anything popular. You see this on forums and message boards quite often, in particular. If it’s appropriate for your demographic, stylized flames can be both attractive and meaningful.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Jimmy Breck-McKye

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