SVG export from Illustrator CC distorts paths

I’m trying to create some icons to add to the Glyphicons library.

I’ve created them using the pen tool (shapes) in Adobe Illustrator CC, they’re ultra-basic. As PNG, or EPS they export fine. Unfortunately I need the SVG export to use with Glyphicons.

When I export to SVG, the shapes seem to move around. At very least they don’t remain as they appear on my screen.

How can I get them to appear as they do in illustrator?

This is a PNG from inside illustrator.
enter image description here

This is a PNG from preview, this is the SVG.
The shapes are clearly arranged differently.

Clearly the shapes are becoming misaligned after the export, are there any obvious reasons for this? All my export settings are set as default.


Change “Decimal places” to 3 in the “SVG Options” dialog appearing when saving as SVG:


Source : Link , Question Author : Andrew Peachey , Answer Author : Alexey Popkov

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