Symbols for two levels of progress in educational software: Pass and Mastered

I need two symbols:

  • Passed the Lesson
  • Mastered the Lesson (earned maximum extra credit)


  • Universal
  • Clear that Mastered is “superior to Passed”

Maybe there’s nothing better than what I’ve got.

What I’ve considered:

Top choice is Silver Star (passed) and Gold Star (Mastered)

enter image description here


Of course there is a silver and gold badge option, though for mastered, you could use a trophy.

(I’m going to put a Googled image for each suggestion for clarity sake)

enter image description here

Since it’s to do with education you could use scroll icons with silver/gold ribbon. Or a scroll for pass and a graduation cap for mastered.

enter image description here

There’s also the option of a sash which you have depicted nicely in your badges. I think I would suggest no sash for pass and full sash (i.e. both sides of badge) for mastered.

For young children a gold and silver star system would make sense;

enter image description here

(Star stickers are used in schools throughout Europe, the States and Australia, and of course silver and gold are internationally recognizable)

Hope I’ve helped the brainstorming/decision making!

Source : Link , Question Author : Clay Nichols , Answer Author : Jenna

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