Table in Indesign not exactly a table inside text frame. What is it?

I am designing a catalog using several elements from another one. BUT what looks like a table is not a table exactly. It’s a text frame, it looks like it’s all text frame with tabs which it’s not practical at all. Is there a way of creating this in InDesign that it’s not a tab? In the image below you can see what I mean. For example if I press “Enter” on Example 1, it’s going to behave just like in a text frame “example 1” is going to create another line (and under “N. de Art.” column).

The reason I don’t use tabs is that the catalog is around 300 pages. Using tabs is not very time effective nor practical.

PS: I verified if it’s columns inside the text frame, but it’s not. I really hope who whoever did this file didn’t used the TAB key for hundreds of tables.

the "table"


Choose Type > Show Hidden Characters to see if tabs are used.

Relevant InDesign Help Article: View hidden nonprinting characters

If it’s not a table the lines propably are Paragraph Rules.

Relevant InDesign Help Article: Add rules (lines) above or below paragraphs

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