Moved site to 1&1 hosting, but is broken and redirecting to GoDaddy 404 [closed]

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except home page , all the links throwing an error “404 Pages Cannot be found” [closed]

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Google not index my Custom 404 page ?why?

I have a movie site. When i create First Look of that movie there also created further links related to that movie in the end of the Post using meta tags. For Example Movie HD Videos Movie Mp3 Songs Movie Trailer And, in future whenever i create same links with which created in the end … Read more

Stopping media file redirects

We are overriding 404.php to show database generated content like this: /products/x1/ /products/x2/ etc. (if the url is /products/../ the 404 process is converted into a page). Problem is that we have some media files that have permalink similar to the last part of our database generated content urls. For example /x1/ which causes /products/x1/ … Read more

404 Error On Custom Taxonomy Pages 2, 3, etc

I’ve been reading a bunch of posts about this with no luck so far. I can’t seem to figure out what is the problem. I have the following: Custom Post Type: Sermons Custom Taxonomy: Series My urls right now look like this When viewing the Parent Term of the series taxonomy the first page … Read more

WordPress keep redirecting me to random URLs

When I go to my homepage,, I sometimes get redirected to or some other random URL along that pattern that yields 404 page. I do not remember doing anything special. Tried to disable most of the plugins (except the ones that are installed after the issue has been noticed) with no avails. This … Read more

Author page not found

Author page is not found on url mytabletguru(.)com/author/TabletGuru/ By Author Tablet Guru there is around 250+ post. Any help will be appreciated. Answer This seems to be a temporary issue specificially with your theme. This might be caused by any plugin you are using. I will suggest you to deactivate all plugins for a moment … Read more

Woocommerce 404 after chang default language

After change default language in Woocommerce from Dutch to English I get 404 errors. I also have installed latest version of WPML. 3 Languages are active: EN – NL – DE. When I edit a link to open an category the link is as follow: // result not ok // result ok this … Read more