User can’t save any changes on an SMB share

We run a mixed environment of Mac/Windows. Our Macs are on High Sierra and using Windows Server 16. This is issue is only happening to this domain user. Our permissions are very flat, everyone has access to everything. We use SMB://filesharedrive to connect and use our AD credentials to verify. I have a domain user … Read more

BigSur Active directory connectivity issues (offline after successful bind.)

I’ve installed BigSur on physical machine and bind it to remote LDAP server which reside behind vpn server. The bind itself went just fine, but when I try to login or fetch any of the AD users, it fails and although the LDAP seems bounded, the AD nodes cannot be connected (all are offline) Name … Read more

Apple Business Manager Error not covered on support page – Account Update Not Allowed

We have begun the processing of syncing Apple Business Manager with our Microsoft Intune instance (all Azure Active Directory accounts) via SCIM. In the logs, for 2 of our accounts, I am given the error “Account Update Not Allowed.” This error is not included on this page: , nor is Google bringing up any … Read more

Update local password to match domain password?

Scenario: company-provided MacBook Pro, Big Sur 11.2.3, and I used it in office for a few months on the wired LAN and Wireless networks. COVID therefore WFH, but now my login password while home does not get updated when I update my domain password. I always change my password from one of the servers in … Read more

Where is Active Directory configuration information stored?

I’m curious as to where Active Directory configurations are stored on Mac OS X 10.6. “man dsconfigad” and “man dscl” are both silent on where those utilities store/read their information. In particular, I want to find where the AD binding authentication information is stored (hopefully securely?). Answer The config info for the Active Directory connector … Read more