Set Automatic Proxy Configuration on a per-network basis?

My company’s Wi-Fi network requires that I use an Automatic Proxy Configuration (setting in the Advanced Network Settings) to access external websites. However, I don’t want to use the proxy when connecting to my home Wi-Fi network. In the Network settings, I created a Work location which uses the proxy, and a Home location which … Read more

How can I resolve a sparse SSH connection latency/delay issues

Synopsis For months I’ve occasionally been having problems with SSH connections to dedicated servers – I’m talking every single server I connect to, from multiple locations and the servers being various distributions of Linux. The problem is that once I have connected via SSH, the initial connection is instantaneous as expected when I’m typing some … Read more

All apple devices, and only apple devices, suddenly unusably slow on home network wifi internet

Starting approximately 24 hours ago all my apple devices (macbook air, iphone 6+, ipad original (ios5)) all had an internet connection so slow as to be unusable. Nothing’s miraculously changed overnight unfortunately. 2 windows laptops & a windows smartphone are all fine. Took my iphone and macbook air into town and connected to a wifi … Read more

How do I access a CD drive on a Linux machine from my Mac?

I used this question: to install nbd-server on my linux machine and share the CD drive. But installing nbd-client on my Mac doesn’t appear to be possible. Can’t find it in homebrew. How can I access the CD in that drive from my Mac? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : jcollum , … Read more

Internet Sharing from Mac(LAN) to iPhone USB

I’ld like to enable internet sharing b/w my Mac iPhone. I’ve enabled Internet Sharing and selected VPN and in options to computer using – I’ve selected iPhone USB. I’m still not able to connect to internet. My Mac is connected to internet via LAN using USB 10/100/1000 , which has port for LAN wire. Any … Read more

Localhost refuses to connect after upgrading to High Sierra OS

I did upgrade to latest High Sierra, moved all old *.conf files like httpd.conf~previous to be in use. Checking config works fine: sudo apachectl -t Syntax OK ping of works as expected, server config file is SERVER_CONFIG_FILE=”/private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf” when I try to open localhost or try curl -I -L localhost curl: (7) Failed to connect … Read more

TimeMachine backup to shared windows drive via SMB?

I am trying to figure out how to reliably back up my 2013 MacBook pro to my Windows 7 desktop, living on the same network. The Windows machine is hardwired and the MacBook is connected via WiFi. The windows PC has a shared folder, named “MBP-TimeMachine”. I created a TimeMachine.sparsebundle disk image on my MacBook … Read more