Making an accessible PDF from InDesign file for an admissions lookbook. Color key symbols are used in Majors section

The challenge is how to correlate these small color-coded symbols the file in a way that they are accessible without having to do separate alt-text for each and everyone. Here’s an image of the key and how it’s used in the design. Answer An assumption: You are going to export from InDesign a tagged PDF … Read more

Can you create interactive pdf with changing images on mouseover?

Is it possible to produce pdf files with InDesign that have interactive images on them? For example, the initial appearance of the image is black/white but once the mouse touches it, it changes to a colour image. Is this possible? Answer You must have the two images, then: Place the first image Right click on … Read more

Quickly edit PDF text

It seems like it will take a very long time to go through the entire document and edit and reformat the large amounts of text. Does anyone know of a good workaround for this kind of situation, where lines of text are separated into several boxes and options such as going to Properties to changes … Read more

How to tell Adobe Illustrator to use a font of a slightly different name?

I’m opening a PDF created with Adobe Illustrator CC in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and other than some features may not be available warning, it complains about a missing font: The font TrendRoughSlabOne is missing. Affected text will be displayed using a substitute font. However, I did purchase that font, but it shows up in the … Read more

How to print to PDF on Mac OS X from Adobe InDesign CS6?

I’m trying to print a booklet to a PDF file instead of a printer in Adobe InDesign CS6. Adobe Acrobat X Pro is supposed to allow this: So we got Acrobat X Pro, but printing to the PDF doesn’t seem to do anything. The print booklet dialog closes and we never get a prompt … Read more