Why doesn’t my Windows 10 laptop recognize the iSight camera of my Apple Cinema Display?

I have a Windows 10 laptop(a Lenovo X1 Thinkpad Carbon) with an Apple Cinema Display used as an external monitor. Up until now I have had no trouble selecting either the webcam on the Windows laptop or the iSight camera on the Cinema Display when I am using Zoom, WebeX, or other applications. Now all … Read more

How to find out web cam URL string with username/password included, to get snapshot?

I’ve got an “SV3C 1080P HD Two Way Audio Security Camera” on my LAN. I need to know the format of a 1-line URL that has all the info needed to return an image snapshot. This works, but only after I manually put in the authentication credentials. I want to include the username and … Read more

How to automatically store photos clicked on iPhone 11 to a specific folder?

Android phones usually have an option where all the photos clicked on the camera go to a separate folder. How do achieve this (or something similar) on iPhone? All my pictures and videos from any source (camera, whatsapp, etc) just get dumped in one folder called “Recents” in the “Photos” app. It just drives me … Read more

FaceTime on macOS cannot connect to camera, but all other apps can

MBP 13″ 2017, macOS 10.15.7, FaceTime 5.0 After about 10 seconds of trying it pops up the message below: Restarting my computer does fix the problem. However, even without restarting my computer, other apps are all able to use the camera. Photobooth, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom all attach to the camera and use it. They … Read more