Examples of LL(1), LR(1), LR(0), LALR(1) grammars?

Is there a good resource online with a collection of grammars for some of the major parsing algorithms (LL(1), LR(1), LR(0), LALR(1))? I’ve found many individual grammars that fall into these families, but I know of no good resource where someone has written up a large set of example grammars. Does anyone know of such … Read more

How to use .svg files in a webpage?

I want to know how can one actually use a .svg file In a web page? Answer See svgweb quickstart and the svgweb project homepage for something that works in all browsers including IE (requires flash plugin). There are many ways to include an existing svg file: <img src=”your.svg”/> <object data=”your.svg”/> <iframe src=”your.svg”/> <embed src=”your.svg”/> … Read more

Difference between an LL and Recursive Descent parser?

I’ve recently being trying to teach myself how parsers (for languages/context-free grammars) work, and most of it seems to be making sense, except for one thing. I’m focusing my attention in particular on LL(k) grammars, for which the two main algorithms seem to be the LL parser (using stack/parse table) and the Recursive Descent parser … Read more

Optimal settings for exporting SVGs for the web from Illustrator?

I’m looking to use an SVG logo for a website — to make it look great on a responsive design for all devices. But since there are issues, I want to support as many devices and browsers as possible. Load speed is also an important consideration. How do export settings in Adobe Illustrator fit into … Read more

Photoshop’s “Snapshot” equivalent in Illustrator?

What is equivalent functionality to Photoshop’s Snapshot in Illustrator? There is no History panel in Illustrator that I know of. If nothing of sorts exist, what is a good approach to save multiple views of your assets and quickly switch between them when you need to showcase them without duplicating assets across multiple artboards? Answer … Read more

PDF Looses Saturation when Exported at a Lower Resolution

I exported my PDF with images from Illustrator, but the file was too large (around 35 MB), so I exported it with the PDF/X-1a:2001 setting to lower the resolution. The file was smaller as I wanted, but I noticed that that the color in the images had lost a lot of vibrance and saturation and … Read more