File Management advice needed (Adobe Lightroom Classic)

I’m finally getting around to moving my old Aperture library (~150,000 images) into Lightroom Classic and need a bit of advice regarding file management. Here is my scenario: All of my images (from my current LR catalog and my Aperture library) were in a PHOTO_MASTERS folder, which is organzied by Year/Month (2021/01, 2021/02, etc) Over … Read more

Lightroom: I did save to catalog and I lost my changes; can I restore my changes?

I’m using lightroom 3 on mac. Not long ago I did save to catalog (I don’t know what it does) and apparently I didn’t select all the photos I have changed. I opened the saved file and I’ve been asked if I want to close the software and to open it from this catalog. I … Read more

I’m using Hazel to move photos from the iPhoto catalog into Lightroom. Is this a terrible idea?

I use Lightroom and not iPhoto, and I’m on a MacBook Air, so HD space is premium. I want all my PhotoStream photos to find their way into Lightroom. I’ve set up a Hazel rule that looks at ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters and searches all the subfolders for images and MOVES them into a separate folder that … Read more

Geotagging with Photos or other app

I’ve got ~100GB of photos that I’ve imported into Photos. Photos stayed in place because they are in date related subfolders. I would stay with original sorting as it is more usable with other photo apps. I decided to add geocoding to photos manually (without gpx track). Photos app does its job. I also rotated … Read more

Android JPG images not opening in Photoshop

I have problems opening JPG files sent by Android smartphones. In Photoshop it says that i’s impossibile to open the image since it lacks SOFn, DQT or DHT marker before JPEG SOS marker. In Lightroom these images are grayed out as not readable. With Preview I can open these images. Why not with Adobe apps? … Read more

issues rendering images when using any icc profile (including apple’s default). clipped dark areas. preview/quicklook shows wrong contrast

Firstly: I know this problem has been around and recurrently emerges since around 2014. Many OSs and program updates happened since then. Some solved the problem (cfr. Lightroom version 5.7 that fixed the issue for some), some broke the toy again. I want to acknowledge some of those who have been writing and looking for … Read more

How can current versions of Adobe products continue to run on the new Macs with Apple Silicon?

During its November 10, 2020 event, Apple has announced that Adobe is bringing its major apps to Apple Silicon, starting with the Lightroom photography software. They also said that all current versions will continue to run, but the new ones will take advantage of Apple Silicon directly. How can it be the current versions will … Read more

Take a picture on Lightroom for iOS with an Apple Watch 4

I like how Apple wrote an app on the watch that takes pictures with the native camera on iPhone. In fact, would like to take RAW pictures with any iOS app like Lightroom or another that permits forcing a raw image capture. I have an iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 14.0.1. Do any apps have … Read more