How can I transfer photos from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phone with location information?

I’m trying to transfer photos from iphone to my new samsung galaxy note 20, but the smart switch does not work for me somehow (It asks me to retry after I input my iCloud password, but my friend’s iphone works on the same cable). I wonder if there’s any other way that I could use … Read more

How to force Photos to release space for an iCloud backed library?

I have migrated my 200 gigabyte Photos library to iCloud on my Mac. Works very well. I then created a new, empty library on the Mac and let Photos copy the whole iCloud contents locally on the Mac. Now I need the space locally, so I would like Photos to undo the local copying only … Read more

Why are my photos not restored completely from a computer backup?

I downgraded my Iphone and after downgrading, I restored my backup downloaded in the Mac but not all of my photos are restored. I dont want to download my pictures from Icloud because it will not be chronologically arranged. I hope someone will help Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Jan , Answer … Read more

Is the Photos To Disk third party app still available?

I want to convert a photoslibrary file to a system of folders corresponding to Photos events with jpg images instead of the Apple Photos format. An earlier thread (started by Manchineel) said that Photos to Disk can do this, but the link given ( says the link is gone and the website is expired. … Read more

How to create an automator workflow/application to delete jpeg when raw exist

I have approx 1 terabyte of Canon CR2 images in 40 sub-folders, some with matching jpeg and some just jpeg. I want to delete all jpegs that have a matching corresponding raw .cr2 file. I would like to mac automator or a script to run through terminal. I tried some scripts found on but … Read more