how to create an animated gif in .net

Does anyone know how to create an animated gif using c#? Ideally I would have some control over the color reduction used. Is using imagemagick (as an external started process) the best choice? Answer This Gif Animation Creater code from can set Delay foreach Frame: Uses .Net standard Gif Encoding and adds Animation headers. … Read more

How to extract frames from a GIF file preserving frame dimensions

I have the following GIF image file: I want to extract its frames (using PGM output format) using this imagemagick command: convert brocoli.gif out%05d.pgm But each frame has a different size. How can I extract its frames while preserving the original gif file size? Answer Use the -coalesce option: convert -coalesce brocoli.gif out%05d.pgm AttributionSource : … Read more

Show GIF file with Glide (image loading and caching library)

I try to show a GIF image as loading placeholder in image view – with Glide Library: Glide.with(context) .load(ImageUrl()) .placeholder(R.drawable.loading2) .asGif() .crossFade() .into(image); I try to show this file loading2.gif but get this error : Error:(54, 86) error: cannot find symbol method asGif() How can I show GIF file with Glide in a imageView? Answer … Read more

How do I crop an animated gif using ImageMagick?

There’s plenty of information about cropping images, but attempting to crop (or trim) animations produces strange results. Sometimes they flicker, or come with extra frames, or some frames crop correctly and others become offset. How do I prevent all this from happening? Answer convert input.gif -coalesce -repage 0x0 -crop WxH+X+Y +repage output.gif Animated gifs are … Read more