Apple Business Manager Error not covered on support page – Account Update Not Allowed

We have begun the processing of syncing Apple Business Manager with our Microsoft Intune instance (all Azure Active Directory accounts) via SCIM. In the logs, for 2 of our accounts, I am given the error “Account Update Not Allowed.” This error is not included on this page: , nor is Google bringing up any … Read more

Can I generate redemption code in Apple Business Manager for my own app?

For example I’ve created the app, set distribution method to ‘Apple Business Manager’ and my app has passed the review. Can I generate redemption code for my own app and share it with somebody? Answer Not in 2021. Currently redemption codes are generated from iTunes connect and not Apple Business Manager. AttributionSource : Link , … Read more

Apple ID not supported – Use a Managed Apple ID Error

When enrolling in MDM you may get this error if you had previously used the same email address as a non managed id. e.g. was transferred to Apple Business managed ids, now your old Apple ID needs to be removed so you can use the managed version. Answer To work around this issue: … Read more

Custom app distribution through Apple Business Manager

How can we distribute custom apps worldwide using redemption codes through Apple Business Manager? Answer All apps on the general App Store are also available on Apple Business Manager, you upload to the App Store or test flight. If that works, you’re done – congratulations selling your app to businesses. When you set pricing, you … Read more