A plugin for software reviews site like this one?

I want to create a software reviews site based on categories. I really like what Gizmo did (see link below) http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-pc-tune-up-utility.htm there is an Intro text followed by top 3 softwares (more or less) with pros/ cons/ rating fields. I tried many plugins but all of them I should pre define all my fields , … Read more

How to get the rating value of each comment

I want to get the rating value for a single review comment to create a custom reviews display, for example if a user rates a product with 4 stars, i want to get just the number 4, without any html. I know this value is stored in a variable like below. But i don’t know … Read more

Sort Reviews/Ratings by date on Woocommerce

I would like to change the order the reviews are being displayed on the single product page, currently it’s in Ascending order and we need it in Descending order.(Most recent to oldest) I’ve looked at the review.php file but it appear to not have a sort order. If you could point me in the right … Read more

How to query posts by meta keys AND under specific category?

The scenary: I’m working in a review system for WordPress, a game review website. It uses default posts, that when under “review” category, shows the review’s meta fields (from ACF plugin). It’s pretty usual, no secrets. The difference: using a custom post type, other page will “catch” data from reviews and show the average score … Read more

Add button linked to single product page on order detail page

I have write a code on functions.php so when customers click a button on order detail page, redirected to product page and review tab of the product they bought. But as a novice coder, I can’t get the full link to the product page and the review tab. The code below if clicked is only … Read more