No “Docked Mode” option in “Preview” settings in Android Studio once undocked

Here is the Docked mode option for “Preview” window. I removed the docked mode i.e. undocked it. And here is what I got. There is no more “Docked Mode” option. Now I cannot properly work with designing layouts. Preview automatically hides when I change anything in the layout. Answer Here is the simple solution for … Read more

Convert view to bitmap on Android

I need to convert a view to a bitmap to preview my view and to save it as an image. I tried using the following code, but it creates a blank image. I cannot understand where I made a mistake. View viewToBeConverted; Bitmap viewBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(viewToBeConverted.getWidth(), viewToBeConverted.getHeight(),Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888); Canvas canvas = new Canvas(viewBitmap); viewToBeConverted.draw(canvas); savephoto(“f1”, viewBitmap); … Read more

Laravel 5 – global Blade view variable available in all templates

How can I in Laravel 5 make global variable which will be available in all Blade templates? Answer Option 1: You can use view::share() like so: <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use View; //You can create a BaseController: class BaseController extends Controller { public $variable1 = “I am Data”; public function __construct() { $variable2 = “I am … Read more

How to pass one SwiftUI View as a variable to another View struct

I’m implementing a very custom NavigationLink called MenuItem and would like to reuse it across the project. It’s a struct that conforms to View and implements var body : some View which contains a NavigationLink. I need to somehow store the view that shall be presented by NavigationLink in the body of MenuItem but have … Read more

How to make Supplementary View float in UICollectionView as Section Headers do in UITableView plain style

I’m struggling to achieve a “floating section header” effect with UICollectionView. Something that’s been easy enough in UITableView (default behavior for UITableViewStylePlain) seems impossible in UICollectionView without lots of hard work. Am I missing the obvious? Apple provides no documentation on how to achieve this. It seems that one has to subclass UICollectionViewLayout and implement … Read more