Is it possible to crop multiple pages in Mavericks

Is it possible to crop multiple pages or image files in the new Mavericks Preview application just as described in this answer? The functionality was there with Snow Leopard but disappeared in Mountain Lion. Answer Want to improve this post? Provide detailed answers to this question, including citations and an explanation of why your answer … Read more

Quick Look sometimes shows blank panel in Mavericks [duplicate]

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Mojave quicklook stuck at loading

Some days after installing Mac OS Mojave my quick look startet showing the spinning icon in the finder sidebar and when i press space on media files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .psd, .pdf, etc.). Here what i tried so far: Rebooted in safe mode (no effect) Deleted and relaunched finder The approach suggested here Quicklook … Read more

Why can’t I see thumbnails in the finder?

Most of the instructions I’ve found online (this, for example) say all I have to do is select “show icon preview” in the finder view settings. But that doesn’t seem to be working. What’s the problem here? This is OSX 10.8.5. Answer This just happened to me and it was fixed by relaunching Finder: Alt … Read more

Is there a way to tell which files I accidentally renamed to *.jpg aren’t actually JPEG images?

I have a folder with many thousands of files, which due to an error had their extensions misnamed, all files now have the .jpg extension. In all the .jpg files I would like to find the non-image files. Is there a command-line way to identify which files are an actual image and which files are … Read more

PDFs looking different in Yosemite [duplicate]

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