Cannot not install application from App Store on macos mojave

I am a new Mac user and have purchased a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave to learn the basics of macOSX. After some initial difficulty, I have logged on to the mac, created an appleid, added payment details, signed on to the (Macosx) app store and itunes under mojave. In the apple App store I … Read more

Is it possible to repackage macos app store app?

I have a MacOS App Store app that I depend upon, almost on an hourly basis, that is no longer available in the app store (or anywhere else for that matter). I’ve been tried contacting the original developer on multiple occasions on multiple platforms for almost three years, to no avail. I have even offered … Read more

How do you enable “bootable” on MacBook?

12” MacBook (Early 2016) Model: 1534 EMC 2991 I’m trying to use a USB to use a software on a MacBook that won’t boot. I’ve been doing everything from recovery mode. Everything is fine with the USB it’s journaled, guid, writable, except one thing, and that’s bootable. It says “no” for it. How would I … Read more

Is there a way to make a Safari window narrower than the width of all the pinned tabs?

I use a lot of pinned tabs. So many that the width of all of them is greater than the screen width on my MacBook Pro. On Catalina if a Safari window got larger than the screen width (typically due to using a VNC-style application on a larger screen), I could make it match the … Read more

If I duplicate an app in /Applications, how can I differentiate it to where both apps show in Launchpad?

I have run cp -R /Applications/ /Applications/ yet only shows in Launchpad. I can see it in Finder as two different apps but not in Launchpad. Do I need to edit something within the package contents of the app to get it to appear in Launchpad? Permissions? I am curious as to what MacOS … Read more