AFP client for MacOS to connect to AFP server to duplicate and share data with other users

I have been in struggle to set a system where I would be able to duplicate and share data with other users. Under SMB, I had a QSync client being used in MacOS, but seems like it cannot handle extended attributes from each MacOS to the Server. This client is a default one used with … Read more

macOS How to save photos with adjustments to Finder?

Q: In I have stored images with adjustments. How can I back them up non-destructively to the Finder? The adjustments were applied exclusively with the built-in in iOS 10 and iOS 11. They include image crop, image rotation and color adjustments. Copying from iPhone to Mac works fine Copying photos from an iOS … Read more

Unable to access older time machine backups after turning file vault off?

I’ve had FileVault turned one since I purchased my Mac. I recently turned it off and I’ve found that I can no longer access my older backups from when FileVault was enabled. Is there any way to gain access to these backups or will I have to turn FileVault back on again? Thanks! Edit : … Read more

Will restore from iCloud backup erase queue (iOS)?

My iPhone is sluggish so I want to restore it. Concerned I’ll lose my long podcast queue if I restore. Would iCloud/iTunes restore retain my queue? Answer Just restored my iPhone (from backup) using iTunes and my Podcasts queue WAS restored! Restore will NOT remove Podcast Queue. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : JBallin … Read more

TimeMachine backup to shared windows drive via SMB?

I am trying to figure out how to reliably back up my 2013 MacBook pro to my Windows 7 desktop, living on the same network. The Windows machine is hardwired and the MacBook is connected via WiFi. The windows PC has a shared folder, named “MBP-TimeMachine”. I created a TimeMachine.sparsebundle disk image on my MacBook … Read more

Sierra stuck on “Setting Up Account” for hours

Last to last night, I was upgrading my Macbook Air 13″ from Sierra to High Sierra. During the installation (when the software was upgrading), the Mac was taking a lot of time, so I closed the flap and put it on sleep mode (which was a huge mistake, I know). When I opened the laptop … Read more