Trying to find balance in uneven text blocks

I’m designing a business card for my small business. The text at the bottom of the card is throwing me off. I’m separating the employee’s name and title from their contact information, to “square off” the bottom corners of the layout. The employee’s name and title comprise 2 lines; the contact information comprises 3 lines. … Read more

Considerations when using multiple font faces (on webpage or CD cover)

I’m experimenting with fonts for learning purposes, and I noticed that using only one font type looks many times plain, but using more can easily make a mess out of my webpage and CD cover (these are the ones I’m experimenting with). I have hard time finding the balance, so I’m curious if there is … Read more

What techniques can be used to create a proper hierarchy of design elements?

This question is similar to this one and this one, but still different enough to merit it’s own Q&A, imho. As a beginning designer, and up to this day, I have always struggled with a very basic thing in my designs: the feeling that everything is important. This is especially true for flyers, posters, websites … Read more

Align text to center of text field in double-column in Indesign

So, I want to achieve this effect, but then automatically (without having to edit the text manually): So basically, the left column has to have a right alignment, and the right column has to have a left alignment. But because it’s a double column with ‘balance columns’ turned on, I don’t know how to achieve … Read more