How to pass variable length arguments as arguments on another function in Golang?

How to pass variable length arguments in Go? for example, I want to call func MyPrint(format string, args …interface{}) { fmt.Printf(“[MY PREFIX] ” + format, ???) } // to be called as: MyPrint(“yay %d”, 213) // or MyPrint(“yay”) // or MyPrint(“yay %d %d”,123,234) Answer Ah found it…functions that accept variable length arguments are called Variadic … Read more

Is there a way to pass auto as an argument in C++?

Is there a way to pass auto as an argument to another function? int function(auto data) { //DOES something } Answer If you want that to mean that you can pass any type to the function, make it a template: template <typename T> int function(T data); There’s a proposal for C++17 to allow the syntax … Read more

Passing struct to function

I’m a new C programmer and I wanted to know how I can pass a struct through to a function. I’m getting an error and can’t figure out the correct syntax to do it. Here is the code for it…. Struct: struct student{ char firstname[30]; char surname[30]; }; struct student person; Call: addStudent(person); Prototype: void … Read more

array_map not working in classes

I am trying to create a class to handle arrays but I can’t seem to get array_map() to work in it. <?php //Create the test array $array = array(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10); //create the test class class test { //variable to save array inside class public $classarray; //function to call array_map function with the given array public function … Read more

Why memory functions such as memset, memchr… are in string.h, but not in stdlib.h with another mem functions?

I wonder, why such function as: -memset -memmov -memchr -memcpy Exist in string.h header file, but not in stdlib.h file, where there are other standard memory functions as dynamic memory allocation: malloc, calloc, realloc, free. Maybe it would be better to unite them in one header? What do you think about it? I don’t understand, … Read more

How to function call using ‘this’ inside forEach loop

In the following object, I have a problem using the ‘this’ reference: function SampleObject(){ this.addObject = function(object){…} … // more code here … this.addNewObjects= function(arr){ arr.forEach( function (obj) { this.addObject(new Obj(obj.prop1, obj.prop2)); }); } } I’m assuming the context is changing and that ‘this’ refers the iterated ‘obj’, and not ‘SampleObject’. I’ve solved the problem … Read more