Functions asking for user input, with default prompts

I succeeded in the first part of the exercise, this attempt is the second part. I am not sure I have accomplished the goal, and would appreciate the input of more knowledgeable minds. As always, critiques of my techniques welcome. This is an exercise from the book titled ‘Beginning C++ through Game Programming’ by Michael … Read more

Simple Stack Demo

I wrote this demo just for practice purpose, I would like to get some helps that could further improve my code quality. Any suggestion for improvement would be appreciated. This code is a simple demonstration of stack implementation (by using array List). User will be asked for the option of a function to demonstrate. Once … Read more

Simple array “manager”

I’m new to Rust, coming from C++, and so to increase my knowledge of Rust I made a small program to manage an array. You can add, insert, delete, print and more an array or its elements. I don’t really care much about performance at this point, but more on readability, good practices and so … Read more

Python command-line program to convert genomic data file

Background: I have written this code to transforme a .csv file exported from a software called Geneious containing SNPs and concatenate them into a DNA sequence. So basically take fields from .csv file to make strings. The code itself is just a bunch of functions that perform small tasks, some functions call others and in … Read more