@angular/platform-browser vs. @angular/platform-browser-dynamic

In the newer examples (seeds, angular.io,..) there is an another import for the bootstrapping process: @angular/platform-browser-dynamic. Could someone explain, what are the differences between it and @angular/platform-browser? There is no information on the official angular.io website yet. Answer The difference between platform-browser-dynamic and platform-browser is the way your angular app will be compiled. Using the … Read more

How to get around the memory leak in the .NET Webbrowser control?

This is a widely-known, old issue with the .NET Webbrowser control. Summary: Having the .NET webbrowser control Navigate to a page increases memory usage that is never freed. Reproduce the memory leak: Add a WebBrowser control to a form. Use it to Navigate to whatever pages you’d like. about:blank works, scrolling down on Google Images … Read more

Standard way to detect mobile browsers in a web application based on the http request

We are beginning to go down the path of mobile browser support for an enterprise e-commerce webapp (Java/Servlet based). Of course there are many decisions to be made, but it seems to me the cornerstone is to be able to reliably detect mobile browsers, and make decisions on the content to be returned accordingly. Is … Read more