Adobe Illustrator – Apply brush to single stroke in appearance panel

Trying to create a graphic style. Basically, it is multiple strokes applied with different widths, opacity, etc. I wanted to see if it was possible to apply a brush to a single stroke within the style – in other words, one of the stroke items on the appearance panel. There doesn’t seem to be an … Read more

Photoshop tablet issue: Fade in Brush Presets doesn’t stay selected

I’m using Photoshop CS6. I discovered recently the Fade preset for brushes and wanted to try it out. So I select Fade in “Shape Dynamics” and set number of steps to 120, but the stroke showing in the brush presets menu looks like it’s using Pen Pressure and not Fade: both ends are thin. Moreover, … Read more

How can I flatten (combine?) a group of brush strokes in Illustrator?

Warning: I am not an expert with Adobe Illustrator I have done an illustration, using Adobe Illustrator, of some hair and a beard using only brushstrokes. I want to copy-and-paste this illustration into a Sketch file. However, there are so many brush strokes (paths?) that it takes some time to copy-and-paste the illustration between documents. … Read more